Study Smarts offers our training via a DVD/Workbook package for students in grades 5-8, 9-12 and a homeschool edition. The training covers concepts and skills like self worth, motivation, organization, note taking, time management, goal setting, concentration, memorization techniques, reading strategies, vocabulary building, procrastination elimination, learning styles, study habits, study area, and test-taking strategies to name a few.


Once you purchase a DVD/Workbook package, we will email you a link to download our AgenDUH! Student Planner and a facilitator/teacher/parent guide that includes discussion questions for each video training!


The DVD/Workbook package is designed to be used by individuals and families. There is an option at checkout to purchase additional workbooks.


Schools that desire for their students, teachers and parents to receive the training need to inquire about our bulk pricing, copyright and public viewing expectations. It is a violation of copyright to make copies of the workbook. It is a violation of public viewing licensing to show the DVD to multiple participants without an accompanying workbook.


If you have questions, please call or email us. We would be happy to help you!

Phone: 405-586-3435
Email: [email protected]

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