Study Smarts™ is a dynamic study skills solution for schools, churches, organizations and homeschool families.

We have been partnering with schools, churches, organizations and homeschool families for almost 20 years with proven results. The skills and concepts we teach are simple, straight forward and effective.

The training covers topics and concepts like self worth, motivation, note taking, organization, memory techniques, learning styles, test-taking strategies, procrastination elimination, reading comprehension, vocabulary building, goal setting and time management. These concepts will improve confidence and grades!

The video training involves 2-3 hours of streaming study skills training for students in grades 5-8, 9-12 and Homeschool families. You will also have access to downloadable workbook pages. 
The training is conveniently broken up into multiple videos that are between 3 and 12 minutes. This makes it is easy to start a lesson, take notes, apply what you learned and come back to finish the next lesson. You can go at your own pace! Training is also available to view on smart phones and tablets!

We also offer a DVD/Workbook option for those who would rather have a physical copy of the training and a packaged workbook.

We also offer a bulk membership option for schools, churches and organizations.

See below to get a more detailed idea of the skills and concepts we teach. When you are ready, select either an individal membership, bulk membership or DVD/Workbook to start your training!

Self worth is defined as what you think about yourself. Study Smarts™ will help students realize that all of their success starts with what they think about themselves. Positive thoughts lead to positive actions. Positive actions lead to positive habits. Positive habits lead to positive character and their character leads to their future.
Motivation is simply something that causes a person to act. Study Smarts™ starts with making learning important to students and helps them remember for whom they are working. Students are not always responsible for what happens to them, but they are always responsible for their response. Their level of motivation is ultimately up to them.
Most of us understand that it is much easier to be successful in school if we could get organized and stay organized. Typically, students get disorganized because they are trying to keep track of too many folders and books. Study Smarts™ will help students learn what it means to get everything in one place.
Trying to remember everything a teacher talks about is impossible to do unless you have a super human memory. The next best thing is to develop some note-taking principles. A principle is simply a rule or a guideline to follow. Study Smarts™ will help prepare students for any class.
Our minds are like filing systems. The more organized we can put information into our minds, the easier it is to retrieve it later. Study Smarts™ helps students learn different filing systems that will help them maximize their ability to remember information.
The only person who knows whether you are concentrating or not is you! It is so easy to get distracted in life. Study Smarts™ helps students deal with the things that distract them and provides solutions for internal and external distractions.
Every person alive is given the same amount of time. What we do with our time is what separates those who are successful and those who never seem to “have enough time”. The sad reality is that many people do not even know how they spend their time. Study Smarts™ will help students identify where they are spending their time.
A goal is dream with a deadline. If you don’t have a deadline, then you don’t have a goal; you just have an idea. Study Smarts™ helps students recognize the importance of goal setting and gives them a practical strategy to accomplish a goal no matter what kind of goal it may be.
Have you ever been reading a textbook and about five minutes into the reading you forget what it is you just read? This happens to even the best readers. Many people approach reading very passively. Study Smarts™ will help students become active readers so they can maximize their comprehension and save themselves time in the long run.
Often times when students read a word that they do not understand, they just skip over it. This is one way to do it. However, that method is definitely not the best way to improve. Study Smarts™ helps convince students as to why it is important to improve your vocabulary and also gives them some practical tips on how to do it as well.
How do you know if you are ready to take a test? The more prepared you are to take a test, the less stressed you will be. The less prepared you are to take a test, the more stressed you will be. Study Smarts™ helps students develop strategies for test-taking and how they relate to actually getting prepared for a test.