Our Story

Jeremy Cox, a schoolteacher from Florida, founded Study Smarts™ in 1997 in an effort to help his own students become independent learners. While researching study skills, Jeremy learned that close to 80% of colleges require a study skills or developmental course for in-coming freshmen. This fact alone revealed a truth that the study skills gap must be bridged earlier in a student’s education.


Unlike traditional study skills solutions that typically only reach a few teachers, rarely any parents, and only certain grade levels, he wanted something that would enhance the educational environment of everyone involved. Jeremy found what he was looking for in a curriculum developed by Dr. Cindy Evans.

Dr. Evans is a professor of study skills who reached national recognition through the University of South Carolina for the curriculum she developed at the college level. She used her knowledge and expertise to develop a curriculum suited to meet the needs of students in grades 5-12. Equipped with an award-winning curriculum and his own creativity, Jeremy began the journey to conduct his first on-site field trip to the “University of StudySmarts.”


StudySmarts™ has been in almost every state, trained over 40,000 students and several thousand teachers and parents in a live workshop setting.


The mission of StudySmarts™ is to partner with families, classrooms, school and school districts to inspire students to think positively about themselves, create a desire in them to stay motivated to do their best and encourage them to apply study skills concepts that will allow them to achieve their maximum potential in school and life.


We look forward to working with you!

Better Grades. Less Stress. More Fun.