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I had to let you know what an impact
 you’ve made in our children’s education already this year! Our kids
 thoroughly enjoyed your DVD’s! They liked it so much that they didn’t want 
me to turn it off. Even though it is early in the year, our kids are using several of your ideas. The note
taking was a huge success!!! We went over the DVD’s and workbook once and
 then again for a review. They enjoyed it both times and I’m sure we will
 revisit the tips, workbook and DVD throughout the year!! I’ve told several 
friends about your program and couldn’t be more sold! We all “thank you”
 for filling the void in our education!! I’m so glad I found you and your
 program!! Keep up the wonderful work you do for our children, the future!!
Melanie – Teacher


I teach study skills in my classroom, but Study Smarts simplifies the process and makes it more efficient to use.
School Teacher


I really enjoyed Study Smarts. I will talk about it to everyone I know so they can experience it too. It is great for life inside and outside of school.


My husband and I have searched everywhere for a program that could relate to our kids and help them become better students, our search ended with Study Smarts.


After attending a Study Smarts workshop, my students and I are communicating more effectively because I have more confidence talking about study skills. As a result, their grades are improving and my stress is being reduced.
School Teacher


Study Smarts is a workshop that everyone should take. It is really worth the time.


They turned the HA HA into AHA. Study Smarts humor related to our students, parents and teachers. This is the most creative and effective study skills program I have ever seen.
School Principal


I first thought that Study Smarts would be boring and that I already knew everything about how to study, but I was totally wrong. It was very entertaining and I went from an average of 75% or below to 90% or above.


My children have been on the honor roll since I can remember, but Study Smarts empowered them to take their education to the next level.


Study Smarts was terrific and really connected with our kids. Our kids were engaged from minute one, and remained that way for the next 3 hours – no small feat in my book!
School Principal

Better Grades. Less Stress. More Fun.