How long is the training?

The training consists of 3 hours of content. The content is broken up into 27 videos that are between 3 and 11 each. The training also comes with a 32 page downloadable workbook or a hard copy workbook for an additional purchase of $10.00.

How many times can I watch the videos and can I download them?

You can watch them as many times as you would like, but you cannot download them.

Can I skip lessons and watch it in any order that I like?

Yes you can, but we recommend that you watch them in order.

Will Study Smarts help a student who is already making good grades?

Yes, in fact, many straight A students use Study Smarts to save time and maximize learning.

Is the content different for the different ages?

Yes and No. The content is very similar because study skills are cross curricular. However, the context in which a student learns study skills is different because of the age differences. We address both the content and context.

Do you offer any guarantees?

Yes. If a student puts into practice what is taught, they will be more successful. If they do not change anything about their education, then we cannot guarantee anything. However, if for some reason you are unhappy with your membership or product purchase, we will refund your money.

Why are the workbooks and graphics the same for 5th-12th grade students?

The workbooks are the same because the content is very similar. We address the context issues in the teaching. We realize that 5th-8th grade students are more naturally drawn to the characters. However, we also understand that high school students typically don’t mind the characters because they at least communicate fun and creativity.

Are you releasing new training?

Yes, we recently completed an HD version of the training. This training does not include a live crowd or any reference to the characters. The teacher in the video addresses the viewer as though he is talking to them one on one. The new training will be more streamlined. This is a great option for older students and teachers.


We also expect to release weekly videos that will be one minute in length. The content will be on different topics such as character building, leadership, humor and anything else that helps students maximize their potential. Members will have access to new content as it is released.


What types of payment do you accept?

Major Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover & Diners.

When will my credit card be charged?

Once your credit card has been authorized, your charges will be processed immediately.

How do I know that you have received my order?

For individual memberships, once your credit card has been authorized, your order will automatically process and you will have immediate access to Study Smarts membership. You will also receive an email receipt confirming your order. If you purchased a bulk membership, the code and email will be sent to you within 24 hours. If you purchased the DVD/Workbook, you will receive confirmation of the order via email and you will also be given a tracking number for the shipping within 48 hours. If you purchased using a PO for a school, church or organization, you will be given your code vial email as soon as we receive the purchase order.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

Your membership is good for a full year. We will only refund your membership price if you believe that is was not worth your investment.

Do I have to worry about renewing my yearly membership?

You don’t necessarily have to worry about it, but you will need to renew it if you want to continue it for the following year. You will receive notification when your membership is about to expire so you can renew it anytime after the expiration date.

How do I cancel my membership?

Sign in to your account and cancel it.

How do I update my credit card information?

Sign in to your account and update your credit card information.

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